It's a fact! Pottery painting can be used to raise hundreds and even thousands of dollars!

Is your school, church, organization or registered charity looking for a unique and fun way to raise funds? Ever thought about using pottery painting to reach your goal? Even better when All Fired Up donates 20% of the total spent at your pottery or glass event back to your charity!

Here’s just a few great ideas to get you thinking. Some have been very successfully done already. Some are just waiting to be hosted by you at your venue, school, or church:

If you’d like to set up a fundraiser, please call 470-550-7576

Wall of Tiles Fundraising Potential $5000 - $20,000

This is a very powerful fundraiser for your school or academy. Get every child in the school or a specific year grade to paint a 6″x 6″tile at All Fired Up. Create a theme for the project or simply ask each child to paint the tile to represent their own family. Once painted all the tiles can be mounted on a school wall to create an amazing piece of colorful art (see the pictures on this page of our website). Each family pays $10.00 to be on the wall. AFU co-ordinates the painting and processing of the tiles (we make a small charge of $1.00 per tile) and all you have to do is get a few capable parents to mount them in your school. Voila! The school/PTA makes $9.00 per tile to be donated towards PTA or school specific projects.

Morningside Elementary School in Atlanta partnered with our Emory Village, Atlanta location and raised over $8,000 from their project with us to build a brand new play ground/play area for the kids. A project that was urgently needed and struggling for funds. So if your school has 1,000 pupils then $9,000 is available right now by doing this project with us. It also creates a great sense of school community, gets the kids involved in something creative and provides a lasting memory for all to see for years to come!

Dinnerware Auction Fundraising Potential $200 to $1000

Get the kids to paint a complete set of dinnerware. Auction the whole set or even piece by piece.

Table Top Auction Fundraising Potential $100 to $400

Get the kids to paint a set of tiles. Get a handy Mom or Dad to build a table. Use the tiles to make a table top. Auction this unique piece of furniture.

Celebrity Auction Fundraising Potential is unlimited if it's a famous personality or sports star!

Persuade some well known celebrities or sportstars to paint a piece of pottery for auction. Better still, get the entire Braves team to sign a piece for auction. Great for P.R. and media coverage with unlimited fundraising potential.

Group Painting Fundraising Potential Up to $3000

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All Fired Up Charitable Donations

Over the past 10 years All Fired Up has created unique art pieces for auction or given sponsorship to major events and generated over $30,000 of donation funds.

The following Charities have benefited:

• Susan G. Komen (Breast Cancer Charity) – $17,000
• St Judes (Children’s Research Hospital) – $10,000
• Aids Foundation – $5,000

Some of our auction pieces can be seen on this web page..