About Us

We love to create, even better we love to help our customers create. With pottery painting and creative art classes, finding something to make at All Fired Up is easy.

Our mission is to create a relaxed, fun filled environment, where people of all ages can enjoy their creative genius.

To help create this relaxed and stress free zone we charge only for the pieces created. There are no additional studio time or sitting fees. We carry over 700 items of pottery, including cups, plates, bowls, useful household/kitchen items and a great range of fun kids pieces. Our creative classes are designed to help everyone, no matter their perceived artistic ability, to make something memorable. Ideal for customers of all ages, our studios are perfect for all types of parties/events including birthday parties, wedding/baby showers, team-building events, and fundraisers. Don't forget the ever popular and highly entertaining "GIRL'S NIGHT OUT!"

So come on by and get your imagination moving! We would love to help you explore your own creative genius!


Jim and Bobbie

Meet The Team

Bobbie and Jim Drummond


After many years working in the corporate world, we decided to make our escape and go into business for ourselves.

Bobbie had always wanted to open a 'paint your own pottery' studio, so together we spent some time visiting similar studios across the USA and in the UK. Most studios were charging their customers not only for the price of the piece selected but also an hourly fee for the pleasure of sitting there and being creative! This seemed counter intuitive to us. How can someone fully explore their creative side in a relaxed and stress free way if they are painting on the clock! So we decided to operate with a different model and create a 'stress free zone' by charging only for the price of the pieces painted. In 2002 we opened our first 'All Fired Up' studio in Emory Village, Atlanta GA, adjacent to the beautiful campus of Emory University. Three years later we opened our second studio in Alpharetta GA and in January 2014 we opened our third location in Sandy Plains, Marietta GA.

Heather Villalba

General Manager/MVP

I am originally from Wisconsin and have always been interested in art and painting. When I moved to Georgia, I met my dearest friend, Bobbie, who introduced me to pottery painting and glass fusing. I also met my wonderful husband, Daniel, and have been blessed with three beautiful children - Luca, Estella, and Fiona. My children are my greatest inspiration and share my joy of creativity. We always have fun painting, creating, and playing with art. I enjoy painting pottery keepsakes that enable others to cherish their special memories and create family traditions.

Ammie Williams

Creative Director

I graduated from Georgia State with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Art Eduction, focusing on drawing, painting, and printmaking. Painting makes me happy. Teaching is my passion. I love showing kids and adults new tips and tricks that help them create exactly what is in their brain. Most days you can find me running around the studio, painting samples, planning camps and classes, sending emails, and laughing with the team. There is always paint on my face. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Samantha Dutto

AFU Manager And Fearless Leader

I was born and raised in Rome, Italy. I moved to Atlanta in 1990 to attend Georgia Tech and have enjoyed living here ever since. I've had a rewarding career in consumer credit and an even more rewarding life at home raising two wonderful children for the last 12 years. In fact, I discovered All Fired Up many years ago by coming here with my children. I've always enjoyed our numerous visits because of the creative, fun and peaceful atmosphere.
Now I am excited to be the one to actively provide that same fun environment to everyone that walks through the All Fired Up doors.

Hauzia Conyers

Studio Team Member

I am a Georgia native who is back in Atlanta after graduating with a degree in costume design from Hofstra University. I am excited to explore the city and all that it has to offer. In my free time, I enjoy baking, hiking, and decorating. I believe in the importance of creative expression and look forward to encouraging others to express themselves through painting!

Rachel Pesce

Studio Team Member

I am an Atlanta native who is back in town after spending 4 years in Los Angeles earning a degree in Fine Art. I love all media and methods of artmaking, but I specialize in illustration, hand embroidery, and ceramics. I'm an avid fan of baseball caps, dragons (and all manner of fantastic creatures), bagels, coffee, and C. Howard's Violet Mints. Outside of work, I spend most of my time watching cartoons, working on embroidery projects, and hanging out with my bird.

Molly O'Shaughnessy

Studio Team Member

I am an Atlanta Native. I am getting my BFA in ceramics at Georgia State University. I love ceramic sculpture and pottery. So, I am pleased as punch to be surrounded by ceramics at both work and school.

Olivia Webb

Studio Team Member

Coming Soon!

Sara Nelligan

Studio Team Member

Coming Soon!

Katelyn Werbke

Studio Team Member

I recently graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts and am excited to start working with the creative minds of children, adults, and everything in between! My passion, and focus in school, is painting and ceramics which is blended perfectly at All Fired Up. I am thrilled to be able to work here and can't wait to learn as much as I can as an artist and as a person.

Cat Diaz

Studio Team Member

I'm a Marketing major at the University of North Georgia, but have always had a love for art. My passion is to help spread creativity throughout the community and show others just how great art can be! This passion grew as I grew up coming to All Fired Up, and seeing how it brought my family closer together with every visit. You can typically pick me out of a crowd because of my wardrobe of D.I.Y'd graphic tees, and a trendy pair of sunglasses. If I'm not working on homework, you'll find me hanging out with friends or working on my most recent piece!

Paulina Osenenko

Studio Team Member

Coming Soon!

Taylor Humble

Studio Team Member

I’m 24 years old, and I’ve been in Georgia for 9 years now. I’ve always loved all forms of art. In elementary school I was in the gifted art program, and for middle and some of high school I attended an arts magnet school in Connecticut. I’m now a mom of a 4 year old, and I do my art and crafting in my spare time. I enjoy hand lettering and calligraphy as well as painting. I hope to one day open an Etsy shop. I’m very excited to join the team at All Fired Up.

Kate Regan

Studio Team Member

Coming Soon!

Ali Kight

Studio Team Member

I was born and raised in the Marietta area and am happy to call the community home. I am currently a student at Kennesaw State University, studying Human Services, as my aspiration in life is to make people smile. What better way to do that than through art? I hope to spread the positivity of creating something that's your own and All Fired Up is the perfect space for just that.

Christie Reiersen

Studio Team Member

I am a recent transplant to the Atlanta area, after spending the last ten years living and creating in New York City. Once I received my Bachelors degree in theatre and my master’s degree in acting, I moved to New York City where I pursued acting, met my husband, planned lots of fabulous parties, went to tons of museums, worked in the creative arts and had the true love of my life, my two year old son. My first time in a pottery studio was for my birthday one year. I enjoyed it so much that I later applied for a job there and spent the last four years working in the industry. I enjoy working creatively and helping others tap into and explore their individual creativity. I am happy to be part of the team at All Fired Up and I look forward to many more paint filled days in my future.

Nissa Summerlin

Studio Team Member

I'm a Marietta Native and currently in pursuit of a bachelors degree at Kennesaw State University. I love to travel and do volunteer work with my sorority! In my free time I enjoy reading and crafting and I'm always excited to explore Atlanta and experience new things. I am thrilled to be working at All fired up and exploring new artistic avenues!

Maddy McLay

Studio Team Member

I am a Connecticut native. I love musical theater and teaching, and am looking to make a career out of the two. I'm excited to be working somewhere where I can expand my creativity in an encouraging and friendly environment while helping others do the same.

Addie Fullerton

Studio Team Member

I was born and raised in Marietta, Ga, and I love the community I grew up in! I am currently a student at Kennesaw State University and I am studying to become a nurse. I enjoy working with children and have worked in daycares and nurseries in the past. I love drawing and painting, and I come to All Fired Up all the time because it is so relaxing and stress free! I am excited to be a part of this team and look forward to growing and bettering my creativity!

Emiko Squires

Studio Team Member

I was raised in Miami, Florida and ever since I decided to call Marietta, Georgia my home, I am sure I’m in the right place for me. I studied at the International University of Florida with My Undergrad in Biology. You can always find me with my head in a sketchbook or checking out local artists to show my support for the community I now call home.
All Fired Up was exactly the place that I always wanted to be apart of. I believe that anyone, regardless of their background, can turn to art and express a side of themselves that they never knew. Anyone can be an artist and just let go and have fun here and that’s what I love the most about this amazing place! Hope to meet you soon!

Dennis Hoskins

Web Development/Graphic Design - Cyberspace

Dennis is an artist/programmer/musician from the wilds of Ontario, Canada.

After spending far too many years working in bland, beige cubicles for faceless, cold-hearted corporate giants, Dennis decided to strike out on his own. Life-long passions for both artistic design and coding combined to establish The Secret Organization, a boutique web development and illustration studio. Fortune and fate stepped in when Dennis met the Drummonds, forming an instant and deep friendship, and began working with them to plan big ideas for things to come.

When not busy dreaming up fun, engaging web pages and developing powerful back-end and database solutions, Dennis enjoy harvesting maple syrup with his pet moose, Lucky.